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“We intentionally don’t support pictures/videos right now so this isn’t an issue.If you’re old enough to remember the internet in the late ’90s, you’ll also remember the glory days of chat rooms and instant messaging—not only with friends, but also strangers scattered across the globe.Using Chatible is as simple as messaging the bot, waiting for it to reply with a button that will match you with an anonymous chatter and facilitate the conversation.

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Like Tay before her, Zo is a "social AI chatbot" created by Microsoft that has been designed to respond to users conversationally like a human. But what's really interesting here is that she 'knew' there were multiple episodes to the game, without any prompting. Even more impressive was her ability to parse disconnected sentences and respond naturally in real time. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft's next evolution of the chatbot looks like.At the moment, bot chat AI fails to provide that natural user experience (not yet, at least),” Amro said.Upon launch, Chatible disabled video and photo sharing to avoid the fate of earlier anonymous social interaction services.The chatbot can answer questions and respond to prompts, while using teenage slang, and emoji.It is programmed to avoid chatting about politics and religion, although the recent report suggests it may have malfunctioned.

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