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Don’t call in girls in your place unless it is hotel or an apartment to stay for a day to a week. If you are white there will be more politeness and positive attitude toward you. On desktop Opera has preinstalled VPN, for mobile I use Better Net, they are free and seldom show some not annoying ads. For the right pronunciation just copy\paste the word in Google Translate (web and mobile) and listen several times. Kazakhstan remains somewhant terra incognita among mongerers (compared to Amsterdam, Thailand, Prague, Cuba, etc). Don’t forget to post your experiences somewhere on the internet. Here I don’t want to discuss about “elite” escort sevices. But for guys who want cheap (relatively) and quality (relatively) sex there are still many ways. Knowing Russian or Kazakh will help you tremendously. Negotiation about price, place and time is no different from that in your home town. At daytime the cheapest way to move around town is to take a bus, they often have free working wifi and AC turned on, red express buses skip small stops and can move you fast.There are many websites, dating sites, classifieds where you can find women who will provide you what you want. If you call a girl (with “I speak English” written in her profile) prepare for premium charges because you are foreigner. There are apps for bus routes in Astana — Astrabus (it has English), for bus routes and looking for addresses the best app and website is 2GIS, unfortunately it is in Russian only. For taxis there are Uber and In Driver, imo locals use In Driver more. For local poor guys who don’t use internet there are newspaper ads or the street near train station.

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