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Any individuals living as one economic unit and sharing housing income and expenses is considered a member of the household.

This includes grandma, uncle, and even an unrelated individual if they are living with you and share income and expenses.

As of 2013, a person born between 19 had on average ,689 more in credit card debt than his or her parents (those born between 19) at the same stage of life and ,156 more in credit card debt than his or her grandparents (those born between 19).

The Great Recession reversed the growth of credit card debt -- at least for a few years.

Credit card numbers that conform to the Luhn formula (MOD 10 check).

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If not, and in the case of self-employed individuals, please include an average gross yearly income from past years to current.According to Trans Union, between the first quarters of 20, average credit card debt per borrower fell from a high of ,276 in mid-2008 to ,164 in Q1 of 2014 -- the lowest point in the six-year period.Card issuers divide the world into two groups: "transactors" who use their cards for purchases and pay off the balances each month; and "revolvers" who carry balances on their cards, paying interest charges month to month.Before you ask no I haven't got anyone's credit card details.Instead take a look at some of the amusing feedback I have received by e-mail.

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