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The earliest known mention of baseball in the United States was in a 1792 Pittsfield, Massachusetts by law banning the playing of the game within 80 yards of the town meeting house.

Another early reference reports that "base ball" was regularly played on Saturdays on the outskirts of New York City (in what is now Greenwich Village) in 1823.

The first team to play baseball under modern rules were the New York Knickerbockers.

The club was founded on September 23, 1845, as a social club for the upper middle classes of New York City, and was strictly amateur until its disbandment.

Max Kepler made up for a fielding flub in the top of the seventh with the go-ahead home run in the bottom of the inning, sending the Twins to a 4-2 victory in the second game to salvage a doubleheader split with the Indians on Thursday.

"I was about as close as you can cry without crying when I was walking off the mound there, when the crowd started standing up and applauding," Slegers said.

The self-styled "New York Nine" humbled the Knickerbockers by a score of 23 to 1.

In the final shot, she gleefully tosses her Tam o' Shanter in the air in the middle of the street; a freeze-frame captures her smiling face and the hat in mid-air.She is a proud board member of the Guthrie Theater and Mainspring Arts Cooperative (MAC) and is on Theatre Communication Group’s National Council for the American Theatre.are first time investors but long time supporters of Broadway and Off- Broadway.The Knickerbocker Rules required fielders to tag or force the runner, as is done today, and avoided a lot of the arguments and fistfights that resulted from the earlier practice.Writing the rules didn't help the Knickerbockers in the first known competitive game between two clubs under the new rules, played at Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey on June 19, 1846.

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