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Farrah is a major attention-seeker, even among reality stars.

The unbearable heat has arrived, caused in part by DVRs overwhelmed with the amount of reality TV that’s just begun: Yes, it is summer, and time for summer reality TV, from America’s Got Talent to Big Brother to Bachelor in Paradise, so here is your guide to debut dates for all those shows.

For all the reality shows that premiered before June 1, 2017, see the spring 2017 schedule.

If you have any updates, additions, or corrections, please e-mail me.

The Siesta Key group is of legal drinking age, with at least half of them having returned home for a “fun summer” (it is repeatedly stressed just how fun this summer will be; you’ve seriously never heard higher stakes or more emphasis placed on how summer in Siesta Key is like no other) after graduating from

His best friend Chloe is the “alpha female” of the group.

I frequently update it with officially announced days and times, so bookmark this page and check back—or click the link on the top of any page to visit this list any time.

Times are ET/PT; because TV networks change their schedules and repeat episodes, check your guide or other TV listings.

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When MTV aired the antics of a group of twenty-somethings descending upon the Jersey Shore in 2009, viewers were hooked.

Though that doesn't mean that one or two unhinged people won't slip through the cracks and make it onto the show -- aside from Farrah, we mean. He's gone on social media and mocked any depictions of her dating lately as "FAKE," which tells us that he's a guy with a fragile ego who thinks that he needs to tell reality TV viewers that not everything's real.

Even without a dating show, some fans get obsessed and disconnected from reality and genuinely believe that they'll form a relationship with a star, just because they admire them so much. Austin is dating one of his biggest fans, so the world is full of possibilities ... So, uh, his reactions to might get all kinds of interesting.

Farrah also said that she and Simon aren't actually together, which is honestly priceless.

"We’re not together…I think people just got confused by me celebrating my birthday also in Jamaica which, oh well, I had a romantic dinner!

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