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They especially love venues like ‘coffee houses’ where people are served café lattes and other funny sounding things with exotic names in tiny cups that cost a bomb (I loathe café places, but if I do go, I always order the ‘Mocha’, just so I can tell the steward/ess it was named after my late grand dad ‘Mochama’ by the Brits who loved the kahawa he made them in Burma during World War II). These are the petty issues that occupy the mind of these urban-lite wannabes.And it can even extend to their drink selection in club lounges on Ngong road.ALSO READ: Warning to you who discuss your spouse in public My colleague Cate Mukei left for Sweden a couple of months back.Her problem with Swedish wannabes seems to be that, even on long train trips, they plug into earphones and avoid making eye contact – lest they accidentally make a friend of a stranger.Anyway, Mukei’s seven yahoos: Urban Nairobi wannabes who listen to music no one has heard. This is where you find someone earnestly telling you about ‘afro fusion’ or especially ‘neosoul.’ Why do you have to go and listen to that? The first time I heard the term, I thought it was Keanu Reeves when he gets an ‘out of body’ experience in the original Matrix film.(Clap for yourself, also, if you have spotted the reference.

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There are several reasons to take your date to KOH, Inter Continental Marine Drive's sexy new Thai restaurant. Crop tops and camis get a refresh with sports luxe trims and lace-up details while wrap front bodysuits and Bardot tops are ideal for day to night styling.Team with a pleated skirt and heeled sandals for a super-chic look.Cate doesn’t like that they dress mostly in black, white – or pink (what is this, an Abba album)?Or that they seem to love their dogs, go with them everywhere, and if you begin to guzzle alcohol, the Swedish pet owner will say ‘my dog, it hates alcoholics.’ Of course the Swedes gave us the pop group Aqua, once, which has unforgettable – and unforgivable lyrics like ‘I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World, life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic’ (and because all wannabes live plastic lives, then I suppose this could be like their theme song).

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