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Indeed, the only time the word cybernetics had appeared before was in a few works of political theory about the science of governance.

For his groundbreaking book Cybernetics, Weiner borrowed the ancient Greek word 'cyber,' which is related to the idea of government or governing.Desire is self-perpetuating because, once fulfilled, it is replaced by a new desire, a new goal.Images of sex are created to be visually and continuously consumed, as replacements (or perhaps instigators) for the actual consummation of carnal pleasure. Similarly, the virtual environment of the cyber world, solely constituted of signs, is ungraspable, everlasting, self-replicating, mutating, and always available.The ubiquity and fluidity of how these frameworks operate today might be indicative of the liquid nature of cyber-identities.Doug Ischar’s video , which was shown as part of the panel that this article is based upon, presented a quiet but powerful contemplation on the intricacies of intimacy.

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