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I also used to work in a club and have a good reputation of single-dom myself (I’m quite sure I am, to quote Frances Ha, “undate-able”, but that doesn’t stop me trying).

Quiet Parties arrived as one of the first of a new wave of unorthodox social activities of the early 2000s that merged elements of traditional party promotion with aspects of performance art.

I believe two things need to happen pushing forward.

Firstly, we need to allow space to be surprised, open our minds to all possibilities.

While studies show that more co-workers are mixing business and pleasure, companies are increasingly taking a zero tolerance approach to any high-level hanky-panky for fear of legal retaliation, damage to office morale and other problems.

Just this week, Lincoln Center confirmed it had booted Jed Bernstein as president after an anonymous complaint revealed he had dated and twice promoted an underling.

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